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I started painting with pixels as a means     I am greatly influenced by the effects
                 of expressing individuality and became        water has on us and I use this to
                 increasingly aware of the complexities        express reality in a time where it is
                 of   relating    to    the    individual‘s    difficult  to  distill  human  originality
                 consciousness in its context.                 and individuality from its increasingly
                                                               complex context.
                 I was looking for ways to express it
                 visually, and the changing shapes of          Like  tides  and  water  reflections,
                 water became challenging and at the           our subconscious reactions face AI,
                 same time fascinating.                        predictive  text  and  algorithms.      The
                                                               art in my exhibition ‘AQUA’ is all about
                 Fitting pixels, which is essentially a        human consciousness in our times.
                 fixed  kind  of  entity,  into  water  as  a
                 fluid  medium,  is  a  very  hard  thing  to   For  the  last  five  years,  I  developed
                 do. The process has an ebb and flow,          my abstract series ‘Essence’ which is
                 because it requires different levels of       shown for the first time in my exhibition
                 creation, layering and correcting until       ‘AQUA’.
                 the balance that I am looking for is
                 achieved.                                     Some years ago I discovered the work of
                                                               Professor Dan Lloyd of the Philosophy
                 I was also searching for a way to more        Department      of    Trinity    College,
                 fully express my thoughts in my chosen        Connecticut, USA. He uses a process he
                 art and found that the digital forms of       calls ‚sonification‘ to locate and analyse
                 my work allowed me to make use of an          consciousness. Thus he found a new
                 even greater scope.                           way of perceiving by ‚listening‘. I made
                                                               contact with this respected neurologist
                 I started pixelated painting with a           and philosopher and he kindly assisted
                 triptych of a boy my husband and I had        me with my research and work. His
                 in our foster care many years ago. Still,     new way of perception of the essence
                 a piece of art I am so fond of and would      of being human inspired me (and
                 never part ways.                              continuously does) to experiment with
                                                               digital manipulation of consciousness
                 In ‘AQUA’, I present three ways               data,  which  I  collect  with  an  EEG
                 of handling the subject of human              headband.
                 consciousness in our current context,
                 namely oil paintings, computational           So  here  we  are,  five  years  later,  only
                 paintings where I add the pixels              now I am happy and satisfied to show
                 manually, and the Essence series,             these works, which is a way to further
                 which is inspired by consciousness            express my fascination with water and
                 data obtained from an EEG headband.           consciousness.


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